Paul Caine remembers. He remembers it all.

A hallucinatory encounter in Anzio. Occult sex rituals with a dangerous confidant. A psychic self-experiment gone palpably wrong. Caine spent decades pushing his mind to its absolute limits in pursuit of esoteric knowledge and rites beyond the veil of the conscious mind.

He barely survived.

Now the private detective lives with devastating reminders of his unorthodox lifestyle — psychic trauma, compulsive behavior, and fractured personal relationships. He scrapes together a living using the only tools at his disposal — a sidekick husky named Ben Franklin and a singular set of detection methods rooted in urban mysticism that fail him more often than not.

As the year turns to 1969, Caine witnesses the declining harbor town of Fairhaven fall victim to record unemployment and a brutal crime wave. While he struggles to keep his practice afloat, a dangerous new movement called the People’s Project works to exploit Fairhaven’s social unrest for its own ends.  A desperate mother’s plea sets a bizarre investigation in motion — one made all the more unpredictable by Caine’s obsessive reliance on an impossible machine.

Flip the switch. It’s time to wake the world.

DROWSE is a lo-fi supernatural crime series written by Frank Verano and Nick Klinger, illustrated by Jaime Huxtable, lettered by Taylor Esposito, and edited by Kev Ketner.